History of the Doobay Renal Centre

The idea to start this Dialysis Clinic came about as a result of my visit to Guyana in 2009. I visited the only dialysis clinic at that time, people were being dialysed at GY $36 000 (CAD $228) per dialysis. A patient usually requires 3 dialysis per week. I asked what happens when the patient’s money is finished, I was told they cannot be dialysed anymore, which is essentially a death sentence. I then thought we should have a dialysis clinic in Guyana on a not-for-profit basis.

We held a fund raiser at Vishnu Mandir, Toronto in early 2010 and raised CAD $100 000 (GY$ 15 775 085). I then went to Mc Master and cajoled the nephrologist to work with us to see if we can set up a dialysis clinic in Guyana. I was told by them that it was impossible to do. Anyhow we started at my father’s home in October 2010 with 6 machines and two patients. We initially charged GY $15, 000 (GY $95) per dialysis and as we grew we got help from the Government of Guyana at that time and we were able to reduce the fee to GY $6 000 ($38) per dialysis. Yet 30-40% of patients were dialysed free of charge because they could not afford to pay. Currently, we dialyse 100 patients and doctors and nephrologists (from Mc Master University) go to Guyana every two months to assess and treat the patients.

Since the subsidies from Guyana Government has been drastically cut, we are only surviving on donations, and as a result we have had to raise the fee to GY $12 000 (CAD $76) per dialysis. At the moment, some patients can only afford dialysis once per week. If you are c donate CAD $76, you will enable a patient to benefit from one dialysis session.

We have received tremendous help from the following donors:

  • Mr Sattaur Gaffoor, who has donated over US $1 000 000 (GY $157 750 854) to construct the new building, which we are hoping to house a not-for-profit hospital
  • Mr Indi Beharry has contributed the laboratory
  • The International Development and Relief Fund, Canada
  • Mc Master University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • Our directors Mrs Ameena Gaffoor, has been doing yeoman service to the clinic, Mohamed Najab and Ganesh Persaud
  • Komal Samaroo, Winston Kassin and Hemraj Kissoon have been of great assistance to the clinic
  • Voice of the Vedas Cultural Sabha, Toronto, Canada has contributed over CAD $500 000 (GY $78 875 427) so far